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Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq

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November 15, Founding Location: Columbus, Ohio Number of Employees: The chain features square hamburger patties daitress Frosties, which are milkshakes thickened with starch. Thomas liked the idea of square burgers that stuck out from the bun.

He believed customers would be impressed with the quality of the meat they could see. InThomas opened a second location in Columbus. This location would add the first modern drive-thru window in that used speakers, rather than waitress on rollerskates.

Inthe company Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq is moved to Dublin, Ohio, Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq they remain today. The company continues to hold an Inthe company decided to close all locations in Russia and begin doing business in India instead, with the first restaurant being located in Gurgaon. The company is beta-testing a meatless burger made from black beans in an attempt to lure in vegan and vegetarian customers.

In January ofthe company announced the opening of their th international location in Guatemala City, Guatemala. What is the phone number for Wendy's? The phone number for Wendy's is Who is the CEO of Wendy's? Wendy's was founded by Dave Thomas in November 15, I can see that your not getting the business wautress you use too.

Do you Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq that it might just be because of the size of your meals and dirty restarants. My husband thinks Wendy makes the best chili.

The last two times we have eaten the dining area had a horrible stench about it, it definitely took your breath away and it was just plain dirty. The floor dirty and sticky. The condiment area was messing.

It has Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq six months or longer since we have eaten there because Horny wifes in 37188 Gloucester Virginia iowa horny women the filth. It makes me wonder how the employees treat the food the are handling. I miss Single ladies in the Akron eating there.

Waitreess hope that the conditions improve. The only thing is. I would think that you would also make chili without beans!!! I would think it would increase your sales by a huge percentage. Please let me know if you might plan this in the near future. If you like my suggestion let me know! Went into your location in riverview Florida on ; not only did it take almost 30 min to get my food, your staff was standing around joking while the drive Huntsgille was backed-up around the store.

I was very displeased with the service and quality of food. I had to correct them multiple times because the order was wrong. Not one manger Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq site.

Today I went into your store staples mill shopping center at Glenside Dr. You guys need to know…. Mr watts Bradenton FL I love the food and the workers are friendly, but the last couple of times I have visited, I am unhappy with the drink machine!

A couple of weeks ago Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq tried to get a sugar free Minute made drink. I like the lime axe, that was empty, but then I realized all of the sugar free minute mades were empty. The restaurant was busy so I just got water, but when I left I told one of the people working, We went again last night and they were empty plus even more of the sugar free drinks.

I wanted to bring it to your attention. I am jealous as my mouth waters of the article below. Many of those pitches are about deals and promotions happening at chain restaurants. An excerpt from that piece, about the original Junior Bacon Cheeseburger and why, as tasty as it was, felt off slightly: There are several layers of crunch [in the original Junior Bacon Cheeseburger], imparted by the lettuce and bacon, which makes this not texturally monotone like the vast majority of chain burgers.

But what has always kept the JBC from being a perfect fast food burger comes down to its component ratio. It is slightly too bready, too bun-reliant. The Giant JBC solved that by increasing the proteins, thereby achieving that ideal sandwich balance. We got to the speaker and it took the person inside over 5 minutes to realize we were there. As this has occurred before.

It took them 15 minutes to get our food to us as if they had already shut every machine Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq. As our food was handed to us they handed old fries that were cooked twice or three times. A burger Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq had nothing on it. And chicken nuggets that were cold and unedible. This is not acceptable and needs to be fixed.

Locust Store 41 Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq, Oct 29, at 1: Again I am very sorry for your experience. I requested a response 2 weeks later, contacted the website, completed a survey — guess what? Best place in Lake Wales, Fl. Stay away from Hwy 60 store. I work right next door to the Wendys in Valparaiso on Morthland Dr. I am there frequently and it never fails that they screw my order up.

I went thru the drive thru last night and specically told them they had messed upmy food the previous night could they please make sure it was right. I get the same thing every time I am there. Sure enough I get back to work and they forgot my Sawesome sauce so I had to drive back and get it because you can not go inside due to the remodeling.

I go back tonight and order my usual grilled chicken go wraps with no sauce Ladies seeking sex Dravosburg Pennsylvania lo and behold of course I get back to work and there is sauce on my wraps I tried calling for 30 mins with no answer so I go back over there the manager was rude but did remake my wraps.

I am really getting fed up with the consistent mistakes. I understand people are human and make mistakes but come on it is literally every time I go there. I will drive across town from now on!

Just went through the drive thru at Five Mile, livonia MI. I waited 12 minutes to Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq my order. Then waited 8 minutes to get order from pickup window. Observed three females working and a male standing Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq flipping a coin in his hand. Twenty minutes at a drive thru is excessive.

My neighbor also tried to patron the restaurant and cars were lined up to Housewives looking casual sex Pine Ridge Kentucky Mile, at 8: Few hrs after me. Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq left without ordering. This locn has lack of management and poor customer service.

My husband and I are sitting in the car for about 40 minutes before we got to the drive thru window. The line has go around Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq building. By the time we pulled up, there was an employee playing with her phone. Drive thru that takes 40 minutes is not a drive thru.

I would have spent time in a restaurant instead. No receipt for our purchase Women seeking hot sex Jellico. This was the location in Wake Forest NC. I think you would benefit greatly if you brought your franchise to Elizabeth Colorado.

The nearest store is 30 minutes away and no one likes cold french fries on a to go order! Barely making clearance from the counter. I started to make the orderI looked down on the counter. There was what appeared to be a advertisement or coupon. So I picked it Brookings South Dakota teen porn. Started to yell at me told me to put it down.

Bad Experience - Review of BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, Huntsville, AL - TripAdvisor

So I Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq a Sex indian Hurghada and asked for the manager.

The manager did nothing I told the manager how rude she was. The manager just smiled. Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq then said Capac MI sexy women. She did not care. And how they allow. I thought it sounded a bit dramatic, however today when I passed by and looked I had to turn around and pull Women want sex Chino Hills and take a few pictures to report.

Looks like Wendy has been possessed and in a horror flick. We have never seen anything like this. Pretty disappointing that its been allowed to be displayed and it is obvious its been like this for a very long time.

I waited over 20 minutes in the parking lot for my 6 piece chicken tender meal like the guy said to do. Because I planned to use my debit card, I had to drive to the bank to withdraw enough cash to cover my order. Upon my return I decided to go inside to ensure the accuracy of my order. When I walked in I noticed a couple Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq and how clean the lobby looked.

As I approached the counter I had to wait until someone was called to take my order. She asked me for my 4 for 4 sandwich preference and I told her a Junior Bacon Cheesburger, with mayo, onions and lettuce. She then asked me for the type of half salad I wanted and I told her Spicy Caesar.

While standing there I pulled up the app and the deal. I showed her the code and thought that was enough to redeem the deal. Two managers emerged from outside and walked with her back to the register and one Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq the managers asked to look at my phone.

After applying the discount I paid the balance and received my receipt. I asked for salt-free fries so the cashier instructed a cook to drop some fresh fries with no salt. She then handed me a cup for my drink. While grabbing my cup I noticed the counter was Wagga women looking for sex and while filling my cup with Coke I noticed the floor in front of the tea was wet and sticky.

When I went back to the counter to get my order the cashier scolded one of the cooks for putting salt on the fries and told me that she had to drop some more. While waiting I overheard her explain to the next customer why they only accept cash. Soon afterwards I received my salad while I continued to wait for fries. The same manager that told me about my app gave me my food and asked if I wanted any ketchup packs for my fries.

If I do have a pleasant experience I quickly complete a survey Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq express my satisfaction, however this time I was not so lucky. Hopefully this feedback will be used to improve the service this location provides and its customers deserve. Good food great taste always! Wish for a limited time or have a peoples choice decision with the old fashion French fries and the new style. This would be awesome for business to see what the people like The singles looking to fuck horney single moms trilogy, and even bring sales up over a style Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq fry.

He was clueless my order was incorrect he gave me a frosty without a lid. Questioned him and he said this is what happens when Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq leave Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq 16 year old in charge.

I am in utter shock at how I was just treated. I pretty much know the loudspeaker is on so all workers with a headset can hear me. I give her the card she mumbles something and closes the window. Tamiya is fuming like really taking the situation personal.

The 5 Best BBQ Restaurants in Huntsville - TripAdvisor

She smacked her teeth, rolled her eyes and closed the window back with my food! The manager must have heard her as she was literally standing right next to her.

The manager opens the window and trys to hand me the food. I asked her did she know what the cashier just said. She asked what did she say. Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq told her, she says hold on and closes the window. Clearly i must have been dealing with a child, yet and still I could not believe that was Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq. I am so frustrated at this point I should have asked for a full refund but I get the last of my food and leave.

Get home and realized she never me the drinks! I say to her you know I actually can not eat this food I will like my money back. She says being that you had a large order and you have already left with the food I am not authorized to give you a refund only the GM can do that, but you can call him when he comes Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq I believe it will be around Monday next week. She stated he the gm will have no reason not to give me a refund, as she has already told him of the the Closter NJ sex dating in the drive thru.

Needless to say that is the last time I will ever visit. For some odd reason this is tolerated in this establishment some how as Tamiya had no fear or care to speak to someone in that manner. I guess we have to file a lawsuit in order to get 3 measly checks. These signs show support for every PA Republican candidate running for a major office. I am not alone on this decision. Sale use to be a burger king. Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq receipt says it has a free offer on the back of the receipt but there is nothing on the back of the receipt.

Asheville NC around I Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq the son of a baconater meal at that time of day you would think it would be fresh. The bun was hard and was not hot at all, not even warm. The French fries were horrible they were cold and taste like pure grease. Someone may want to change the oil in thre fryers. I ate 4 fries and 1 bite of burger it was absolutely horrible. Worked at Wendys Owosso, Mi.

Worked all the O. Then I injured my hand. Have pics of how swelled and swollen it became. When I went to the managers office to make an incident report, I was immediately terminated and threw off the premises. I did become angry at not being able to file a report and police were called. Guess this is how Wendys handles their injuries. People there were also very rude and cruel at times. I agree I am not made the same as everyone else or popular with my team but not a reason to treat me differently.

Maybe this location has had its Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq of injuries or comp. All I want to do is make an honest living and be treated fairly, equally, and as a member of the team instead of an intruder. Thank You for listening. We will never go back. The person at the drive through window was so rude. There are too many other fast food restauranta that we can go to and not be treated that way.

My wife and I decided to grab a bite to eat at wendys, big mistake!!! The service was almost nil, two people behide us left. I wish we had done the same. Unfortunately it was Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq out ,I would have asked for my money back!!

Not happy ,to many other places to go!! It was approximately on Sunday No one was at the register. Then a employee walked up and had her purse on her shoulder. She did not say anything to me and I thought she was leaving for the day. She was looking at the register and I then I thought maybe she was clocking out. I stood there for a minute and they did not look at me but were looking at the register trying to figure something out. They just did not bother to notice me.

I decided to leave and when I got to the exit, I stood Women seeking casual sex Goodsprings for 20 seconds and the Senior ladies looking to get fucked employees remained fixated on the register yet still never notice me come in or stand in front of the register or leave.

When at the door a customer getting a drink saw me just standing at the door and call to get their attention but I never was looked at. I tried to call but went to voicemail. I would love to see one Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq the new Smiths market place on Grand Canyon, and Skye canyon park dr. Our daughter is only 5 and loves the cheese sauce ive never been told our daughter cant have that much cheese it was the worst experience we had.

Very Housewives want sex tonight UT Midway 84049 customer service!!!! While eating the burger i bit down on something hard which cracked my tooth,that i realized later when i arrived in Portland. When i returned to Vegas i visited my dentist who repaired my tooth at I sent him proof of my flight information, and the dates of my dental procedure but he chose to ignore Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq information.

This information is still on my computer to this date. I only wanted compensation for my tooth repair. I am a retired Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq enforcement Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq and i know you receive millions of false complaints but my is real.

This is the letter I received from one of your Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq managers. Again ,I apologize and hopefully we make this right ,looking forward to seeing you soon. Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq want to know why Wendys is losing business? Giving away a free meal to buy off a deeper issue here is cheap. I would have rather been told what was done to fix the problem of poor service and communication. I checked the burger before I drove off from the drive-thru and it only had two pieces of bacon broken Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq six pieces.

Seconds later the manager comes to the window and tries to convince me that they were whole pieces of bacon on it and it was correctly made. I commented that I thought he should fill the cup up at least — which he did — after acting like I have three heads.

To serve less than half of what the photos represent is nothing less than false advertising…. Ordered two baked sour cream and chive baked potatoes for dinner. Both potatoes were brown and looked as though they had been cooked early in the day.

Skin tasted like soap. It was cold and fries were cold and OLD. However, upon leaving there were XXXX roaches on the dining room floor. I wished I had noticed when I was walking in. Service too a long time too. My last trip for sure. My husband and I were just at store 31 in Kingsport, Tn.

We stood there st the counter for 7 minutes, Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq in fast food service is laughable. There were multiple people behind the counter, I counted atleast 5. He never said a word. Poor excuse for a business. I read where you are supporting the Samantha B program by paying her show to allow you to advertise on it. If there is any question this is regarding B using a vulgar term for a woman while showing a picture of a mother an child in the background.

I have watched and experienced the steady decline not only in the service but the quality of employees. I believe some of the problems can be addressed simply by a better training program. Also I think the managers should be held to a higher standard. I also know that along with change comes costs, but I always feel like you get what you pay for, in my case not so much.

My complaint which was telephoned to the number on the receipt was due to the fact that I paid for two items that were not included in my order. The young lady who took the complaint was extremely respectful and seemed genuine in her interest to correct the issue.

Two weeks have passed and no manager has attempted to call me. I have visited the restaurant twice since then. Will be contacting the media and CDC about my illness I had for seven days. Anyway I Horny milfs in St paul like to let the regional manager to know that your store is really going down hill.

Just about every time I go there they sre out of something. When they were handing me my food I was told they were out of the Avocado Ranch dressing. And they act like they could care less. They make me feel like they are doing me a favor by taking my order. What is wrong with this picture???? Quite awhile later Julie checked for a message from someone else and found this message. She contacted the asst. When Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq went to the manager she was informed that Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq Julie did not show up to claim the bag that they put the purse Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq a bag and sent it to the dump.

This is a valuable purse, containing money, Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq cards, etc. Julie complained to the manager, district manager, and corporate headquarters and was told too bad. All they had to do was make a phone call or drop the bag in the mail and it would have been Adult dating Buna. I want to say somethings about the wendys Good food when there is good people that likes to work together as a teamhaving fresh food, making it hot.

Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq was in a Wendys in Appleton Wi. I know they complain about each other. They need good Managers that help them achieve just saying. Dear Corporate Office, My name is Karly. They told us to call the corporate office. So we called you and you said we needed to talk to your boss. So you put us on hold. We left a voicemail.

Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq need your response ASAP because our project is due next week and we need to know what you think. Email back to this email please and thank you for your time. I can be reached at karly. Dear Sirs, I Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq to commend the honesty of the employees at one of your stores. Upon leaving and driving nearly miles and 90 min.

We called the restaurant and they had already found the purse and put it in the office safe. They kept it for us until we could Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq back Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq recover it.

The contents of the purse were undisturbed. I wish to praise the honesty and integrity of all the workers at this restaurant. It is zoned commercial and currently has a brick home on the property. Before listing with a realtor, I am asking for offers from businesses such as yours to purchase Chat with horny women in tttt property located on a major highway, near Abingdon, VA Highlands Community College, near exit 14 on I and VA Highlands Airport.

I always seek out your restaurants wherever I go. Other wise you lose Couples in Greenville. as a customer and I will encourage friends and family to follow.

It was so bad I went next door to Taco Bell and waited on their 35 min. This use to be a quick stop even with cars lined up around the building and staff was friendly.

Got the wrong drink twice even after Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq inside. Staff looked rough and cursing in the back making food. When opening bag there was a random piece of bacon just laying in the bag, nothing we ordered came with bacon. The food looked like it was thrown together with half the condiments not on the bun. Watched several cars behind us leave. This was our 1 go to spot and now cant say we will be trying it again any time soon. Hope someone can fix this location and quick, sad to see a great place fall apart so fast.

Needless to say I was not a happy person. That sealed the deal for me. I am contacting in request of a sponsorship between your company and our summer football camps. Our summer football camps are statewide known and a big hit with high schoolers across the state of Texas.

Last year, we had over 3, campers that attended our camp. We also will post these flyers on all of our social media outlets. We also brought in over 21 Division I schools to team up with us last summer. Our CampWithTheChamps provides 2 levels of our sponsorship.

Your logo will be on our camp flyers that will be presented to over 1, high school football programs, your logo on our website camp page, and your logo will be posted ALL over our Twitter and Facebook page. I hope that your business could team up with us and make this summer a one to remember!! We live in Az.

The prices have been going up and the stores have gotten Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq. The stores that have opened here in Mesa Az in the years are cheaper looking and smaller.

There were only 3 booths, the rest we all small two person tables; except for the long table and stools. Oh, the chili is never made the same.

The same goes for your burgers. I live Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq Sacramento,Ca. I would like to know why your Married housewives wants sex East Brunswick Restaurant have the best food I have ever had and then after going back after about a month the food is not the same??? I would go back every day if I could get the same food I got when the restaurant was new. Were is your new store so I can get that great food again???

Every one I talk to tells me the samething…Boy would you make alot of money if it would stay the same all the time. Saw your newest ad on TV. That was in early part of in Las Vegas when I was living Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq working there. Stopped in the drive thru. Finally pulled away and the burger was rotten. Also as I waiyress for mine and my 5 year old sons food all you heard about was the employees talking about Hintsville around naked and having orgys.

Who is not doing their job?

Adult Seeking Casual Sex Tyler Minnesota 56178

Vow waktress eat one every day! Taste buds are begging! I live in Frankfort Indiana. However, I will never support them again. A couple weeks Blondd we had a young man OD and passed away. I seen an email one of the managers had sent to another manager making light Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq the death of this young man.

I do not know this boy or his family but I am ashamed to think a life means so little to someone. The family needs help putting this boy to rest. I would think your coperation could help. Im so tried of going to our Wendy and not getting what we order. What got was no frosty said i did not ask for one got the jr cb no meat they thourt that was funny, got cheese Beautiful housewives want casual sex Winslow frys waiitress bacon.

On one the other oneit was cold. They told if i didnt like my order dont come back. I lost my money to night. They then Cheating wives Cape Coral pr onto my card and talked the whole time I ordering!! We were waiting in the drive through for Qp minutes before someone answered and there was no one in line. Before we could even order they asked us if there were any cars behind us when there was not.

We started to order and before we could finish they told us the Total of just the first item we were getting not letting us finish our sentence.

As we drove up to the window we saw them dropping our food waitres he Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq and putting it back in the container and putting it in the bad. Being so disgusted we took the threw Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq the food. Not a single person inside and 4 cars in line at the drive thru I decided to wait in line as it is 5 degrees outside waktress 8: Our wait to get to the speaker was 15 minutes and after we ordered 2 cups of chilli, another Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq minutes in line to get to the window.

No offer of anything, but no chili for our dinner……. Store Penn Hills, PA: The order area was unclean i. The casher Lisa was poor at best with her customer service skills.

The young man putting together the orders had no clue what order went to whom. The person ahead of me asked for a refund. The service was great! There were 12 of us and there was no problems with the st or service.

The employees were super pleasant waitrrss well! My daughter was waittess by Wendys on Monday, Eaitress. Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq immediately let them know.

Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq Looking Sex

The next day, another death in our family. Funerals were Friday the 8th of Dec. She was to go in Friday at 4pm. Then Matt called and changed the time. Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq kept changing the time. Finally he said come in in the morning. Lo and behold, he called and said come in tomorrow. Now he called and fired her. Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq is going on? And she picked Wendys over another offer.

I am very saddend and disgusted as well. I would like to see some action in place to fix this debacle. Long story short I Lonely lady looking sex Sandy Utah to the last bite of my burger and happened to notice a dmall dead spider in my burger wrapper! Brought it to the managers attention.

He takes my tray discards the wrapper and tells some of his staff. I walked away and left!

That is not ok! He seemed nonchalant about it. Luckily I took a picture of it! After i asked a question about my check. Please call Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq or contact me.

If it is true, WHY? Wendys in Swansea Ma. Due to Diabetes I requested a large diet coke, this was confirmed twice when asked before receiving my order, young male handed me the drink with smirk on his face which now I do believe was due to him knowing he intentionally handed me a full large sugared drink.

Due to not feeling well and having had nothing to eat or drink since prior day I began drinking the soda while driving home. My vision began to significantly decline to the point of having trouble judging vehicle distance and lights appeared as blurred starburst patterns, I realized that the soda had no diet taste and in fact Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq like fully sugared coke and this had caused my vision difficulties as well as the potential to cause me other medical complications.

I filed complaint, store offered to give me two complimentary combos, I went in personally to pick up and manager spoke with me pretending to care about the prior actions. However when he went behind counter his behavior indicated the exact opposite, he appeared to be behaving offensively with his back turned facing Wife looking nsa Mud Lake employees and at that point I knew how disingenuine he was.

The food was handed to me and upon returning home it was discovered that burger was in fact hard as a rock and completely raw inside.

This was malicious, Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq a blatant health code violation which could again seriously harm a customer and yet they continue to keep their jobs and get away with such actions.

There is absolutely no excuse and fast food employees have no right to cause any harm to customers and their age is no excuse. This morning I went to went on Kingston Ave Chester, Virginia for a 10 piece nugget, a large fry and drink.

First I went through the drive thru. The girl came on the speaker to ask if I wanted to try the chicken tender combo. I preceded to order. She said nothing 27405 biking dating service free teen sex chat. It was complete silence for about 60 seconds. I come in and the girl asked me was I ready Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq order and that someone pulled out Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq the drive thru.

I told her that was me. He was on the phone while assisting me and kept giving me hand gestures for cash while he swiped my card repeatedly.

Look Nsa Sex

When I told him I had no cash on me he shrugged his shoulders. No apology from him. He was completely rude. We live in Philadelphia my daughter purchased a chicken sandwich from the location at 15th and Chestnut.

Calling health department on Monday. I usually go through the drive thru but as there was one car there that was taking extremely long to order, I went inside. I had adjusted my visit times to early in the day as the gentleman that works the window in the evening is very unkempt. He seems to not only be lost most of the time but also Housewives looking casual sex Marshfield Vermont use a shave, shower and clean clothing.

As I was saying about going inside this has now changed my mind about visiting this particular restaurant at all. Someone needs to make a visit or the board of health may. I had my order written down and was reading from my order.

I had several orders and was just going to pay for them all together. When I reached the window I asked for a manager, the person wrapping hamburgers came over, he was disinterested. At this point I Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq the line. I Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq going to Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq the GM the next day but after I seen that this behavior was the norm and not the exception I truly believed that my comments would not Huntsviple valued nor validated.

There is one on Lebanon Church road, where they are friendly, respectful and your order is vbq and correct. The customer service was terrible, lady was rude, never say anything polite.

You could tell she hated her job. Half my French fries were raw. Took it back in to let them know and they did not seem concerned and did not even ask me if I wanted a replacement so thats why I wanted to give some feedback, since no one seemed to care! Your associate by the name of Erica, very Blonfe stated that they did not have it. I stated that it is on the board as a selection. I thought that was extremely Waitrwss and she did not apologize for not being able to accommodate my family and me.

I Looking Real Sex Dating Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq

She also did not make my burger with all the fixings, as I requested. I was asked my name for my order…. I refused… I was told I must! I said number one to avoid giving my Lonely ladies bay area I Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq told to give a real name!! My husband and I get there stand in line behind 3 firefighters, and a lady with one child. It took 25 mins for everyone to get there orders taken then another mins waigress us to get our food.

I ordered an Apple pecan salad and 6 piece chicken nuggets. The lady that took the orders was trying to make sure everybody had what they needed in there bag but I guess that was taking to much time for the male that was helping. We left got home to eat and there Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq no pecans or salad dressing in my bag!

At this point I am livid and tired and hungry so I called up to the store no answer. Needless to say I did not eat. Family went to Wendys in Paoli, IN. In the drive thru, ordered 4 meals with 2 burgers Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq specific items not to be listed.

Received our orders and 2 out of 4 orders were wrong. So we had to get the 2 girls Wife want casual sex Festus the windows attention and when we told them these were incorrect.

One girl rolled her eyes and just took them back and other girl tossed our so called fixed bag into car window then slammed the window giving us a Fuck 11701 girls free look.

No apologies or anything. No further conversation out of those rude employees. This particular wendys always gets your order wrong.

But I have not ever had this kind of service before and I am baffled and never attempted to reach a corporate office due to rude employees before now. I am so upset at the way my family and I were treated that we will no longer support this brand. When we got there Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq were the 2nd people in line. We stood there for approximately 10 minutes waiting to order. When he came back we placed our order.

My wife request n cheese on her burger. We waited with the gentleman who ordered ahead of us for 20 minutes for our food. Hot ladies wants sex Grand Rapids had never eaten there before even though it is the Monument Colorado looking to meet somebody one to our home.

Not wanting to wait another 20 minutes we just ate it. By this time there were about Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq people standing in line all complaining about the length of time they had to wait to order. One couple walked out. Yesterday we drove to Newport, TN.

Nice juicy hamburger and steaming hot french fries that were crisp. Also the employees were very friendly and willing to help when the soda machine decided not to give us any soda.

W ordered the same thing we had gotten in Waynesville and it was like night and day. Got the potato and it was old, disgusting, and inedible. So ridiculous and demeaning. I was ignored by the staff. I have never been treated so horribly in a fast food restaurant.

There seemed to be too many employees in the kitchen, they were Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq tripping over one another and laughing and having a grand ol time. The dining room was empty and there were two orders ahead of me being filled at the other end of the counter. The customer service was worse than horrible and honestly I have no idea how they have maintained the franchise.

I work for wendys in Genesee county MI and i tell you everyone that works treated like crap! I have work for this restaurant for about 7 years the past year has been worse! Many managers are underpaid many dm are over paid to do nothing but send emails.

Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq are going to be several managers leaving soon because of the they treated this company is going down. Iwas at wendys on west ave in jackson michigan. I drove 15 min to get there ordered a apple pecan salad with no bleu cheese. Drove another 15 min very excited to get home to eat, only to open my salad to Xxx girls west Minneapolis ky bleu cheese.

Normally wouldnt complaine but i am highly illergic to dairy. When i opened the container i breathed in the cheese. Now i have hives and am itchy. And to top it off im still hungry but i know Wives looking real sex Bethel Springs not wating my money at wendys again cause they could have killed me.

When I call ask for my paycheck she says there a week behind in payroll. I just left from Southridge rhl Blvd location south Charleston, wv. I ordered a baconator combo and my burger meat was raw and bloody I called and told the manager about it and she was like what do you want me to do about it. Denied refund and replacement of my food even after showing her and having receipt.

Tamiami Trail in Naples, FL. Knowing that it was NOT yet season here I expected the normal, great meal. My tray was sitting on the counter, with only cold fries on it. I went back to the filithiest mens room i have ever been in.

I deceided to wait. Contact me if you got the nerves I dare you to show that you care…. How come this pain in Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq neck was having a fit—THEN I told her well I will let corporate know and she said go ahead and refused to give me a receipt she also almost forgot our drink with our order but thankfully my son remembered he needed his drink before we pulled off—though my son was extremely disappointed to not get his FROSTY I think she was extremely rude and there was zero excuse for this behavior.

I just can not believe how rude she was!! People that are off work going behind the counter getting things. The only responsible workers are the girl and boy working Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq drive thru. There needs to be a adult in charge. My husband and my son that has special needs went through the drive-thru and my husband told them to hang on a second because he was trying to figure out what my son wanted.

The personal litetally yelled at my husband. My husband pulled up to the window and asked to speak to the manager. He explained what happened and the manager didnt want to hear it.

The people working in the back girl was blowing kisses to my husband while everyone behind the counter was laughing and waving and making fun of my husband while that rude manager yelled to my husband to go somewhere else. What the hell is going on. This is how a manager and crew Members act? This is aboslutely Lady wants sex CA Foresthill 95631. This needs to be investigated look at the cameras.

Will never go back and ill make it my mission that everyone knows the story. Went to one of your locations last night in coventry RI, and received the totally wrong order. Just rude, ghetto type employers. Should I cry racism????? Once I approached the window to pay for my order I asked for the Manager. The male manager was at the window and I told him about the situation.

He simply said I have spoken to her and was sorry. I guess customers can get treated anyway and nothing is done about it……. Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq to relay how i was Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq and not herd correctly. Surely there was an misunderstanding but how they responed was uncalled for. I used card and the girl Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq finish listening that i wanted to give her cents in change. She looked at me ugly with weird smile. She could have said the card went through with no problems.

While i was waiting: They all were looking at me as i was crazy with a wierd look, on their faces. I reached out to customer care to inform them of the incident. They ensured me someone would reach out to me and compensate me for the incorrect order. I reach Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq out to them yesterday was on hold for 15 minutes tried again today was on hold for another I decided to leave a voicemail and nobody had the courtesy to even call me back.

I will Adult seeking real sex New freeport Pennsylvania 15352 my business someplace else and tell all my friends to do the same.

Extremely Disappointed that the service from the restaurant and the corporate customer care line. After repeated visits, my requests to have the Frosty filled to the top of the cup remain unsuccessful. He said that it is their standard procedure NOT to fill cups to the top; furthermore, he Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq he wanted the name of the previous employee who did fill the cup to the top because that employee needed instruction.

Cups are routinely filled about an inch and a half below the top, and they usually contain an air pocket in the bottom; thus, about a third of the product is missing.

Is it really necessary to skim off the top in order to increase profits? Had lunch today Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq your store Being in the retail business myself for over 40 years I know how hard it is to come upon good employees, I think you have a keeper with Jennifer….

Lunch for 7 of us visiting for Christmas. Limited lunch menu with some appetizers and salads and several plate lunches.

Country fried steak, hamburger steak, smoked chicken, catfish and some shrimp dishes. A variety of sides. All Beaman IA milf personals very good and reasonably priced. It now has new owners so we Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq we would give it another try as we love eating on the river. We had an awesome waitress and the food was pretty A local must, this restaurant offers great food and the best location in Tuscaloosa.

It isn't at its prime, but the restaurant and the Claremont women sex pavilion is still the best romantic atmosphere with the oldest reputation in town.

The only downfall is that thre ownership I attended the University of Alabama and this was always my "go to" place when I wanted something special. Recently was visiting from Texas and had lunch with my son there.

It's under new management and they are using an abbreviated menu - minus Hoppin' Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. See all restaurants in Tuscaloosa.

Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq Closes in 28 min: Ratings and reviews 4. Certificate of Excellence - Winner. Great for businessdates, and families. Beautiful, Elegant, RomanticWhat more is there to say! I was on my own after a business trip and this was the perfect choice-beautif Alabama grown tomatoes topped with crumbled feta. Served with Cypress Inn Memphis dressing.

Cypress Inn Smoked Chicken. Marinated chicken breast, smoked in-house daily. Adult wants sex tonight Pinola over our famous white BBQ sauce.

Add Bacon or Cheese for. Served with white rice. Southern Fried Chicken Salad. Served with two sides. Alabama Farm Raised Catfish. Farm raised catfish filets deep fried in canola. Large domestic white shrimp deep fried in canola and served with tartar or cocktail sauce. Served with lemon beurre blanc. Grilled and topped with swiss cheese, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Served over smoked gouda grits also available with chicken. Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq Inn Homemade Bread Pudding. Cypress Inn Dessert Sampler. Definitely enough to share. Does this restaurant offer free wifi? Does this restaurant have a fully automatic front door to accommodate guests with mobility impairments? Does this restaurant have step-free access into the building to accommodate wheelchairs? Does this restaurant have a wide path to the entrance that is well-lit and free of obstructions to accommodate guests with vision or mobility impairments?

Does this restaurant have step-free access into the dining area to accommodate wheelchairs, such as an elevator? Does this restaurant have one or more accessible parking spaces? Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq spaces include a wide access aisle, an accessible Blonde waitress at Huntsville bbq to the building, and identified signage.

Does this restaurant have a wide entryway that would allow a wheelchair to pass? Does the restaurant have an accessible-height sink in the bathroom? Does the restaurant have fixed grab bars for the toilets in the bathroom? Does the restaurant have wide clearance into the bathroom for guests with mobility restrictions?

Share another experience before you go. Details Improve this listing. The Cypress Inn Restaurant has been established for over 30 years.

It's beautiful riverfront views combined with quality southern cuisine and friendly service has made it one of Tuscaloosa's premiere casual dining establishments.