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Introduction to the Isle of Harris Proposed Superquarry. Public Inquiry Theological Testimony. An accompanying article by Professor Alesia Maltz, Commentary on the Harris Superquarrywas carried in the same issue and somen Isle of Harris nude women the theological arguments made in the Harris public enquiry vis-a-vis the American constitutional position on religion, pp.

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Full Lafarge Redland superquarry briefing and updates. G o down to Alastair McIntosh's inquiry testimony.

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Go Harros to Rev Prof Donald Macleod's inquiry testimony. Lewis and Harris Isle of Harris nude women Cultural Background. Harris and the Isle of Lewis are one island, the largest in the Hebrides, with a Census population of 22, Many inhabitants are indigenous Gaelic speakers.

Principal employment sectors are fishing, tourism, weaving, crofting small scale agricultureand the public service sector.

Today Lewis and Harris retain the highest rate of church attendance in Britain. There are four main church groupings: In all churches, Island theology draws heavily on Calvinist interpretations of the Fall, original sin, the centrality of Christ in the work of salvation, Sabbath observance and maintaining ethical standards in the community appropriate to Isle of Harris nude women being largely a community of believers. These issues transcend schisms Isle of Harris nude women the churches.

The island is the only part of Britain where Sabbath observance extends to there being no shops open and no public transport on Sundays. This enjoys broad support from both religious and secular segments of the population.

Many of the latter accept it as being important in defending a less-pressured way of life. In a Scottish businessman, Mr Ian Wilson of Dunblane, announced that he had procured a stake in mineral rights at some half-dozen key deep-water mountainous locations in Scotland. A superquarry is a quarry capable of extracting 3 - 20 million metric tonnes per annum, compared Isle of Harris nude women a conventional large quarry size of Big Telluride cocks Telluridetonnes.

The mountain is substantially made up of anorthosite, a hard, dense calcium aluminium silicate feldspar ideal for the construction industry.

Isle of Lewis and the Isle of Harris | VisitScotland

Some ten million tonnes a year would be extracted and shipped possibly Isle of Harris nude women far away as America. Projected job numbers ranged from about forty to four hundred, depending on who was speaking. Having no yardstick against which to appreciate the magnitude of the project, most lacked awareness of wkmen social, economic and ecological down-sides. Isle of Harris nude women of us who became opposed to the quarry were generally people like myself who had grown up on the islands and then travelled widely, or incomers seeking an alternative way of life to the industrial mainstream.

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For them to have been otherwise Isle of Harris nude women have been to risk responsibility for splitting a community central to their identity and wellbeing. Better to allow the thin ice to be stepped on by those who had more external buoyancy. In this respect and in small communities around the world, inside outsiders and outside insiders can be seen to play an important advocacy Online amateur sex chat Clarksville in articulating womn positions of the community and thereby avoiding conflict at the core.

Isle of Harris nude women It is a stalking-horse role [6] where those engaging in advocacy must recognise and accept their ultimate dispensability if the outcome goes messily against them.

Such a shift from stalking-horse even to Women seeking casual sex Bergholz Ohio can be their ironic contribution to the community. With little formal co-ordination but much informal sharing, those of us objecting to the quarry Isle of Harris nude women through due procedures at the local authority planning stages, and through the national and local media to raise awareness of the cultural, ecological and economic adverse consequences that the quarry might have.

The campaign was not all negative.

Initially my own role in opposing the superquarry was to contribute to the conventional secular arguments as befits a Isle of Harris nude women ecologist.

As opposition grew and mainstream organisations like Friends of the Earth and Scottish Natural Heritage took nhde well-researched anti-quarry stances, I shifted my stance towards womej theological, which had always been a personal motivation from Quaker, Isle of Harris nude women theology and ecofeminist Sweet lady seeking real sex Lincoln. I felt moved to bring a wider theological perspective towards which, it was clear from discussions with local clergy, the churches might be marginally sympathetic, but unable themselves to address due to the range of pro- and anti-quarry perspectives in their own congregations.

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However, one of them considered the quarry would end religious life as he knows it in Harris. None challenged the scriptural exegesis. I argued that as Sunday work had been accepted as a legitimate Womenn for the inquiry under the category of cultural considerations, so should other theological concerns.

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Had there been any question Isle of Harris nude women to the relevance of such evidence in a Government inquiry, it would have been my intent to point to the significant place of religion in Scottish civic life: A few months earlier I sounded this theme out in simplified form via a letter in the Stornoway Gazette [8]the main local newspaper.

It drew no published reaction whatsoever, though I was given private verbal encouragement. I would not have expected letters of praise to appear in the newspaper, but was reassured that there Pussy Lobeco South Carolina older hot no condemnation Isle of Harris nude women any Uk adult lampeter sex leaders.

Had there been any of weight, the theological case could probably not have proceeded because it would have been discounted from the outset by many local people. I knew that a lot of people would privately read the scriptural references cited. I trusted that this would work with its own power and open up new directions of thought, contemplative prayer and private discourse.

The Bible can be read as a profoundly ecological text.

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However, most Scots have not reflected much on its contemporary significance in such matters. To do so is salutary. In parallel to all this, other threads were starting to weave into the tapestry that would finally emerge.

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I was working with the idea that just as a psychologically sick person can benefit from coming to know painful truths in the Isle of Harris nude women of psychotherapy, so perhaps cultures sickened through carrying the effects of intergenerational trauma can heal through social processes parallel to psychotherapy. In my work with Scottish indigenous land rights on the Isle of Eigg [9] I had used the principle of re-membering and re-visioning in order to re-claim Such focus on the quarry might accrue wider benefits too as the community were forced to think about their place in history and geography.

Just possibly, the superquarry proposal could be a shot to the cultural immune system. The theological sources feeding into Hxrris were diverse but convergent.

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They became powerfully important to me as the strategy of superquarry opposition unfolded. They were mostly contextual, liberation-orientated, prophetic process theologies; mainly though not exclusively Christian.

I was surprised, often, working at my computer to be moved to tears by their power to grip the soul whilst pausing to contemplate, or play some ancient tune on my penny whistle. I have been asked to describe some of these sources and their impact as much as I feel comfortable so to do.

Isle of Harris nude women sees spirituality as being the interiority of outward forms such as nations, institutions, companies, people, etc.

Spirituality shapes the dynamics of power in the world. In Isle of Harris nude women third text of his award-winning trilogy, Wink devotes substantial analysis to the domination system [12]. It seemed to me that the superquarry company was an embodiment of this system Isle of Harris nude women caught up in layers of illusory maya, unable to see that the name being honoured by faceless shareholders sheltering behind limited liability, limited responsibility status, was Mammon: Unmasked, the Want to service black cock free all day was about the psychospiritual dynamics of profit and a blind enslaving fetish that jobs are all there is to wellbeing.

The industry itself, the quarrying industry in the UK, if it could get off with raping the Highlands would do so. I mean they are business people Thus named and unmasked, the challenge becomes less heady, more pragmatic.

It is a triple process: Finally, there is liberation from sin, which attacks the deepest root of aHrris servitude; for sin is the breaking of friendship with God and with other human beings Freireian pedagogy is developing a Isle of Harris nude women reputation in Scotland, especially through adult education workers [17]. Ivan Illich with his insights into the nature of work and vernacular livelihood [18]cross-cultural Hindu-Christian scholar and Edinburgh University Gifford lecturer, Raimon Panikkar, with his understand of the centrality of right relationship to the rhythm Isle of Harris nude women Being - of the Creation [19] - these were other important influences.

They were complemented by ecofeminist perspectives, Christian and otherwise.

I drew strength from the poetry of Isle of Harris nude women Rich. Her understanding of national despair in America and the importance of bringing poetics into politics speaks equally to our need on this side of the Isoe [20].

And Alice Walker [21] and Audre Lorde [22] I thank them all. They shaped the deep ontological dynamics, drawing me deeper into a relationship with the threatened mountain. Roineabhal [23]and the human and other ecologies it supports. This surprised, delighted and sometimes shocked me.

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Only through poetic prose have I been able to hint at it [24]. Warrior Chief Stone Eagle Herney. They believe that their prophet, Kluscap, will return there. Kelly Rock are a quarry company who consider aggregate production to be a better use of Kluscap. The latter rested more comfortably with my Quaker pacifism. In addition, he is director of the First Nations Environmental Network - the only Isle of Harris nude women Nations national environmental organisation in Canada.

This was in Augustand the theological testimony in the public inquiry was not to be until November. But the ideas crystallised rapidly and often more reluctantly on my behalf than this account Isle of Harris nude women suggest.

Isle of Harris I Outer Hebrides

I could see both the power and, almost, the absurdity of the whole thing. A hem of embarrassment skirted passion built on conviction fuelled by righteous indignation. This recognises sustainable development as being that which addresses current needs without compromising those of future generations.

Most states, including Britain, Isle of Harris nude women up to it at the Earth Summit in Rio. This is what I conceptualised as cultural psychotherapy.

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I discussed these ideas once back in Scotland by telephone with Stone Eagle. I believed he would introduce an important international dimension and attract publicity to the issue accordingly.

Given the mandate he holds from his people, there was probably no other person in the world with comparable superquarry campaigning experience. He agreed to come. Eagle totemism there are breeding eagles on both Mt. Isle of Harris nude women played an important role in his agreeing to give time and Issle establishing relationship between us.

Recognising my own lack of theological weight in Highland circles, I felt we also needed a prominent theologian appropriate to Hebridean religious culture. I called, and asked for his help. Yes, he was indeed strongly opposed to the quarry.