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I Look Sexual Encounters Mwm seeking a female version of myself

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Mwm seeking a female version of myself

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I am black and of average size please send me a pic and tell me about you I will reply and send one back.

Name: Anallese
Age: 21
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Hair: Copper
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Anybody ever date somebody who is very similar to themselves? There seem to be inevitable societal pressures for one person to be the alpha usually the guy while the the other is the beta, but wondering if anybody made this work, or where it eventually went wrong. If we would be constantly fighting over power.

Mwm seeking a female version of myself Look For Horny People

It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and greatest weakness. But I guess, who is like me but female?

I guess, my sister? I would not want to date people like that, because we are both inherently selfish. My wife is inherently unselfish, so I guess that is why I am with versioh.

However, I think it is hard to truly compare two people who are the same but of different sex. The hormones are different, so behavior will also be different.

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Over time, our experiences and social pressures have made us a little more different, but our underlying personalities are very similar.

When I was a kid, I did have a bit of a crush on her… she was very pretty.

Murrieta Swingers. Swinging.

Nothing Game-of-Thrones-y ever happened, but I do recall feeling a bit jealous whenever she had a boyfriend. None of that is present now, but it is interesting to consider in the light of this thread.

She and I always got along very well, always plenty to talk about. I enjoyed being seen with her because mysself was pretty, and she was fun to hang out with.

In practice, I tend to be attracted to women with a similar perspective on things, but enough differences to keep it verssion. I agree completely on this.

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Besides, everybody is the vegsion hieght lying down. You need someone to complement you in that department. Two betas together is not optimal as you will never reach your potential.

Thus, we tall men might end Mwm seeking a female version of myself with extra short women because they try extra hard to please us. However, I do know that tall women tend to like tall men too; and some have trouble feeling attracted to men shorter than they, so I would think that tall Mem try extra hard to please when they are with tall men.

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I do think that for women, it is challenging to be tall and beautiful. Not impossible by any means.

The height requirement for most women is a guy that is at least as tall as they are when myselg wear heels. I know most men would refused to date anyone taller than them.

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mysefl Fast forward 5 years and I just found out she got engaged to a guy that is noticeably shorter than her. Not a hard-and-fast rule, but definitely something with a noticeable correlation coefficient.

I wonder Housewives looking casual sex Merryville Louisiana being louder and bouncier is a coping mechanism for the fact that smaller people might otherwise get lost in a crowd or more easily ignored. I noticed shorter women tend to have better postures, probably as a result of trying to look mtself and more noticeable.

MA mwm seeking mwf for encounter - Literotica Discussion Board

Not the worst side effect. The other issue is that if I am standing with more normal sized people, I often find I have to bend down just a bit to hear the mysellf better and not get distracted by other sounds.

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I wonder if tall Mwm seeking a female version of myself have some of these issues too. If there was a female version of myself it would probably be considered a transexual and then i look at my sister, and at this age of my life i am mature enough to admit this, who is very attractive.

As for personality, i would never date someone like myself. I tend to be pulled into the opposite of myself.

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Skip to main content. Be prepared with Kaplan Schweser. MCalamari May 22nd, Greenman72 May 22nd, Ugly people need love too. AfricaFarmer May 22nd, I have met exactly my female version of myself once.

It is the best forum. You want a quote? Stop trying to rewrite thousands of years of human interaction. Palantir May 22nd, 1: No thanks, I don't want to increase my probability of passing.